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In the early ‘90s, we were new retirees.  We loved visiting Blowing Rock and strolling down Main Street. We were captured by the uniqueness of each building, the friendly shopkeepers, and being in the atmosphere where folks seemed to take the time to enjoy this mountaintop community. Smiles were everywhere, and strangers soon became friends. We discussed the fun of opening a shop on Main Street, found an opportunity, and the next thing we knew, our retirement had disappeared and we were committed for at least a year.  

That was over 20 years ago!  

We now have a wonderful manager, a small staff, and we are open year round.  We are still heavily involved, but we are mostly behind the scene.  For years customers have asked for a website.  With some wonderful guidance and our manager’s talent and hardwork, we are pleased to say “WELCOME TO OUR ONLINE STORE.”  If you haven’t visited Blowing Rock and the wonderful North Carolina mountains, please come and enjoy. 

Sue and Milt Thompson

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